by Brad Brubaker

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Random assortment of demos from 2011-present.


released 01 February 2014

Self-recorded with a Zoom H2 straight into Audacity.
Playing my black cutaway Takamine and Epiphone Les Paul through a Fender Pro 185.
Artwork: Mike Sater & Cooper Forsman.



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Brad Brubaker Chicago, Illinois

Brad Brubaker & The Crowd Goes Wild brings together the richness of acoustic music, the charm of alt-country and the energy of melodic punk. Whether playing distorted power chords or fingerpicking crisply, the songs whiz past and make the listener wonder what hit 'em. With witty and relatable lyrics, performances offer neurotic sincerity, balancing humor with darkness. ... more

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Track Name: Failure of the Artist as a Young Man
Failure of the Artist as a Young Man
© 2012 Brad Brubaker

Our friends are all more beautiful than you
Our friends are all more beautiful than you
You may think you’re clever
And who knows? It might be true
But our friends are all more beautiful than you

You may think you're special, it’s a lie
You may think you're special, it’s a lie
You’re seeking validation
But sometimes it is denied
I know your friends all say you’re special, it’s a lie

You think you found your place, but you are wrong
Yeah, you think you found your place, but you are wrong
But do not doubt the greeting cards
And sentimental songs
"You belong somewhere," but time to move along

You may feel entitled, think again
You may feel entitled, think again
Just because we' re friendly
Doesn’t mean we’re friends
We don't give handouts, kid, so think again

We know you think that you’re misunderstood
Your art and your whole life, misunderstood
But did you once consider
That you’re really not that good?
Do us all that favor if you could
Track Name: Ice + Age
© 2012 Brad Brubaker

I grab a coat
And I bundle up
Just like any other day
But since spring gave way
To the summer months
You know my patience had to fade

Watch another sun
Cross another sky
But I cannot feel its rays
Add another layer
Wrap my blanket tight
And roll over, hibernate

My scarf and gloves have become my closest friends
See my breath and wonder, “Will this winter ever end?”

Since the heat turned off
I’ve been taking walks
To feel the blood flow in my veins
Pass open toes
And the short-sleeve set
And pull the hood to hide my face

Flip another page
For another month
Never felt so grey
Watch the beaches fill
And the clothing shed
While my climate stays the same

Soon the autumn leaves promise frost will come again
Still, the ground will thaw, while my winter never ends

And I wonder, “Will this winter ever end?”

Watch the seasons change
On this tilted earth
Try to disengage
Just another day
And another year
And my ever-slowing pace
Track Name: The Lord's Prayer
Matt. 6: 9-13
9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
Track Name: Walrus Love Song
Slide over here wit' chyo big ol' blubber butt
Slide over here wit' chyo big ol' blubber butt
From your whiskers to your flippers
From your tail to your tusks
You're the only walrus I could ever love
Track Name: These Damsels Be Fierce!! (feat. Liz Chidester) (explicit)
There once was the damndest damsel
She didn’t wanna be saved
No offer, no invitation
Nothing could pull her away
Tells me the thing that holds her
Cannot and won’t be escaped
But I think she might see it different
If she listened to me…

In the desert
There's a river
It appears for
All who seek

I can touch it
I can taste it
When I drink

I believe I've
Found the secret
It ain't some bullshit

There's a love that
Only blesses
And meets all needs

There’s a man who’s scarred and punctured
He thinks he carries a light
N’ though he’s more chink than armor
He fancies himself a knight
He’d rather be a martyr
Than ever rise up and fight
An’ he says that he’s gonna save me
But he’s more lost than I

You believe in
An oasis
A wondrous sight I've
Never seen

In the darkness
When my eyes close
I cannot sleep

In my quiet
Earnest longing
There’s is no voice that
Speaks to me

In the morning
When the sun come
I feel no heat
I feel no heat

F: I ain’t yours to rescue…figure it out
Can’t we be open about our doubts

M: I’ve seen this before…I know how it ends
And so help me God, it won’t happen again
You’re the best damn thing…please don’t leave

F: Quit talking in circles and listen to me!

I know that you’re scared / and you have every right to be
But who is all this ranting for? / cuz it sure as hell ain’t me
I’m not sure what else to say / Cuz I’m just not breakin’ through

Is this really about some vision / or it really me and you?

M: This is the best that I can do:
In the desert...
Track Name: Penis With the Wings of an Eagle (explicit)
She's been crying
She's been trying so hard but she's got to admit her hope is dying
So she's been crying

She's been coping
She's been moping and telling her mother that she thinks her daughter's broken
But she's been coping

She 's been dreaming of someone, someone who's bald
She's been craving some talons, a dick and two balls
(She needs a...)

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Red and blue and white
He's a willy with wings
He has feathers and things
To make a woman feel all right

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Can make her loins take flight
He has patriot parts
That will open her heart
And in all likelihood her thighs

She's been dating
She's been waiting for someone better than the men she's been fellating
Yeah, she's been waiting

She's been praying
She's been saving herself for the loving of a certain type of avian
Yeah, she's been praying

She will not abide any flightless dicks
Cuz she doesn’t have time for penguin pricks
(Mama told her that a...)

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Is the one she's hoping for
He is downy and soft
But he likes playing rough
Cuz he's just come back from war

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Is tattooed with stars and stripes
He's a phallus with feathers
And they'll be together
For the best night of her life

And one steamy evening, her wish came true
Cross your fingers and toes and he might come for you
He only cares if your willing...not if your cute
And he's got a flagpole you'll wanna salute


Penis with the wings of an eagle
Is soaring through the sky
So don't be a bimbo
Baby, open your window
And he'll visit you tonight

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Wiener warrior of the night
I hate to be blunt
But he's been fighting for country
You should f*** him to be nice

Penis with the wings of an eagle
Killed a terrorist with his dong
You should get on your knees
Cuz he's free of disease...
Track Name: Schminger-Schmongwriter (Dead By 30) (explicit)
Schminger-Schmongwriter (Dead By 30)

I heard a band that’s abuzz this week
Offbeat instruments and retro chic
MFAs that sing of hopping trains
A well-sewn quilt of stock clichés

Americana with fancy hair
Add more reverb until Pitchfork cares
And when the fashion changes, I’ll still be here
‘Til another fad makes me disappear

The other day I saw the latest star
Strumming standard chords on a pink guitar
An airbrushed sound and a soulless swing
Hit all the notes, but she couldn’t sing

She’s a shiny face with a killer rack
But her heart has never even seen a crack
And when her beauty fades away, I’ll still be here
‘Til a newer model makes me disappear

Trust fund babies wearing torn up clothes
Spouting wisdom everybody knows
Singing “young forever” and “f*** the man”
Talking down so we might understand

Think they’re rebels, but their only cause
Just the pursuit of canned applause
And when these Brooklyn kids grow up, I’ll still be here
‘Til another hipster makes me disappear

Chop off my legs and I’ll try to stand
Change my name so it sounds like a band
I play empty clubs with spit and scorn
Guess I’ve got my art to keep me warm

I sing the truth and I sing it well
And if you don’t like it you can go to hell
What was I fighting for anyway?
Yeah, I'll be a martyr 'til my dying day
I’ll be a martyr ‘til the day I die
When no one notices I’m not alive
Track Name: Revolving Door (Push It, Baby)
Revolving Door (Push It, Baby)

I fell in love today in a revolving door
I caught her eye and then we cycled more
I’d like to take her out and maybe buy her flowers
She and I have been circling now for hours

Push it, baby

The revolving door, it spins and spins and spins
Quite a predicament my love and I are in
But when I see her smile…I’m so glad I chose her
Though we push this door ‘round an’ don’t get any closer

Push it harder now
Push it faster now
And now push it soft
But, for the love of God, don’t ever stop

I really need a shower and a shave
Cuz event’ally the hours turned to days
We’re growing bitter though we’ve never talked
Still we keep circling, never getting off
Track Name: Requiem for Ironic Cover Songs
Another singer with ironic cover songs
They think it’s clever, but they couldn’t be more wrong
A lazy reference with a shelf life of one line
But they keep singing while we cringe and check the time

It’s something so predictable
You’re nothing but a fraud
Leave the stage and then we will applaud

Please leave the Bieber and Rhianna at the door
Stop the Britney and we’ll prob’ly like you more
No one’s impressed when you rap someone else’s words
Unwitting parody, so tragically absurd

It’s something so predictable
You’re nothing but a fraud
Leave the stage and then we will applaud

This only illustrates you have nothing to say
You’re not an artist you’re a popular cliché

It’s something so predictable
You’re nothing but a fraud
Leave the stage and then we will applaud
Track Name: Cuts Me Like the Wind
I am impervious
I have rough, calloused skin
I am still standing
I've seen and survived everything
But a pretty girl still cuts me like the wind

She is a lighthouse
Telling me I've come home
She is the mountain mist
Causes the valley to glow
And I feel her when the wind begins to blow

A pretty girl still cuts me like the wind

She is a mother
To every child that she sees
I'm hoping someday
That she'll make a father of me

I am a barricade
She's discovered a door
She is the sweetest song
Makes my heart start to hurt
And every day I feel I love her more

Every day I feel I love her more
And a pretty girl still cuts me like the wind